Restaurant Bergamo - Castello degli Angeli

Castello degli Angeli

Restaurant in the ancient halls of the Castle

The BARBARICCIA restaurant will charm your soul: perfumes and flavours engage your senses and the dreamlike atmosphere takes you to faraway timeless places.

• A PERFECT COUPLE RETREAT: surprise your loved one. Romantic dinners, Valentine's day, surprise gifts, proposals.
A NIGHT OUT WITH FRIENDS: have fun! Gourmet experiences, wine tastings, theme dinners, graduation, bachelor and bachelorette parties, aperitif around the swimming pool.
FAMILY OCCASIONS: an experience to remember. Baptism, Communion and Confirmation parties, anniversaries, family dinners, Christmas and Easter feasts.
CORPORATE EVENTS to educate, train and support your staff. Meetings, round-tables, team-building projects, conferences, exhibitions and presentations.
MAJOR EVENTS to share a project and make a dream come true... weddings, celebrations and corporate events.

The art of pleasure

• The kitchen is made up of a team of cooks that feel at ease both in front of the stove and with our guests. They cherish a heritage of traditional recipes they involve in their path to gastronomic innovation. High-quality ingredients supported by accurate research for biodiversity, direct supply and seasonal products: daily fish supply, high quality meat, organic and local products.

"I thought that Neo Bistrot was just a trend but, actually, this change is justified by the need for a new social and economic dimension, where culture remains unvaried."

• The HALLS are intimate spaces where history and design pop up in every single detail: ancient walls, original stone, decorated walls and slate floors with modern furniture. Luxury linen tablecloths, Black&White Corian tables, white china tableware, silverware, crystalware and candelabra. Black is the dominant color for style, charm and refinement.

• The MENU is not a pre-printed form any longer but it becomes an experience of interaction between the guest and the chef: the former shares his/her wishes, depending on his/her appetite and requirements, and the latter welcomes and translates this information into a completely customized menu.

• The PRICES, lower than by a Michelin starred restaurant, are reflective of the quality of the ingredients, the refinement, the level of the dishes and the excellent service provided by the staff.

Lunch from EUR 20 to EUR 30, aperitif from EUR 10 and dinner from EUR 35 to EUR 60

Events by Barbariccia

An event is an occasion to celebrate: lovely ornamental details and exceptional care for the guests.

The balance between flavours, perfumes, decorations, flowers, photos and entertainment. At the right time and in the right way. All activities are coordinated and our professional event planners work carefully through every single detail. Choose your menu with our CHEF and the best wine pairings with our WINE EXPERT, be the first to taste the new cocktails created by our BARMAN and enjoy the many treats our MAITRE has to offer, with the help of our EVENT PLANNER.

A la carte Restaurant

• Lunch
• Aperitif
• Dinner
• Tastings

Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Frank Outlaw

For all events

• Weddings
• Banquets and parties
• Corporate events

Wine tastings

Wine bar
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Castello degli Angeli:

• White wines IGT
• Red wines DOC

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